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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

wordless wednesday: lunch snack

This is Tawnie, another BFF of mine. I met her through the Shoeless Mommy who is also a new mommy blogger. Tawnie came over and she had an oven mit and she was holding a mouse.

"Awwww cute!" I said, no stranger to mice or crawling little fur creatures. I love them. "Does it bite?" I asked, because she was holding it with the blue mit and I thought perhaps it wasn't safe.

"No it's not a pet. The cat brought it inside Shoeless Mommies house and wouldn't take it back out. Took us forever to catch it and I had to show you."

OMG! It was a mouse from outside!

Well no wonder she was holding it with oven mits lol. It was cute though, still. It's amazing the crap that goes on in the co-op. There is alwasy something happening somewhere.

I asked Tawnie to pose with her find and she pretended that she was going to eat the poor little bastard mouse who was having a heart attack I'm sure.


Tawnie said...

well lovie....I was hungry after all....thats what happens to us starving students when the food bank is! yes the little critter was adorable so I let it go over the fence cuz i couldnt bear to see any stupid cat eat it...awwww sad huh?

JP Shaw on July 2, 2009 at 6:16 PM said...

lol well it's nice you saved one of God's creatures. I would hate for Thomas or Eddie to bring home something like that. But I told Shoeless Mommy her kitty is a bitch, when she wants something she usually gets it lmao.

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