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Thursday, June 25, 2009

rubbermaid makes summer less thirsty

Everyone knows that drinking water is good for you, especially in the heat.

It helps to replenish the fluids we lose while doing our daily chores (cleaning the house, taking care of kids, vacuuming and cooking) you know all the fun stuff!

I have tried a variety of water bottles. Stainless steel to keep it colder. One's with spill proof straws that aren't really spill proof.

I have hated most water containers or bottles because either they aren't quite big enough me. I love putting ice in my water, luv it luv it! So the mouth is often too small for my ice or they taste like plastic no matter how many times you wash them out which just sucks! I hate that taste. It's like copper when you bite your lip and it bleeds. Oh come on you've done that don't lie!

So last week DH went out and bought me a new thirst container. The Rubbermaid Refill Reuse water bottle. I have to say I was impressed. I mean I know it's only a water bottle, but the size of it was my first joy.

32 ox. / 950ml is its capacity and with a motto like drink more waste less you can't go wrong.

It's durable and leak proof (yes it truly is leak proof) as I found out when Pickleboy threw it across the room thinking it would be funny and I freaked out thinking it was going to break open and spill all over the hardwood. It didn't. It also fits most cup holders, at least the ones in our minivan.

When we go to the beach I always make sure to bring at least five with me for the kids. I fill them part way and then freeze them to create a huge ice block and then add water and we go. I even went out and bought Hockeydude one for school. And the best part - it doesn't taste like plastic!

I bought mine at Price Mart for less than $5.00 but you can get them anywhere, Walmart, Stupidstore, Save on Foods etc...


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