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Saturday, June 27, 2009

small talk 6: if you had xray glasses what would you want to see?

This weeks small talk six: If you had xray glasses, what would you like to see with them?

This is a funny meme, so many things to make you go MMMMM.... that's why I love it. So here are my 6 for this week.

1.) See inside my kids brains and Corky's (DH's) brain so I could know what each of them was thinking. I'm live in Testosterone valley so this would definitely help!

2.) See inside all our bodies to make sure there are no problems, since going to the doctor's is useless! This way I could know who needs more iron, who might be sick, who might need a cat scan... you know the basics.

3.) See everything hidden in Hockeydude's room because I know he hides things in his room where he doesn't want me to find things. This will be useful as he gets much older. He's only ten.

4.) See behind Pickleboys pullups that way if he's got a poopie bum I can just ask DH to change him without him knowing lol.

5.) See inside an army base or government base to see what they are really up to so I can twitter it, then run for my life, hide out under ground and pray I don't get caught.

6.) See underground so I can pinpoint where those damn ants are coming from, since they swarm my kitchen every day no matter what I do or how clean it is.

What are your six?

Head on over to to post your six if you haven't already. It's fun.


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