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Monday, June 22, 2009

a walk to remember: great movie!

Landon is a bad ass. He is the leader of his friends who cause trouble in their small town and run wild doing what they want, whenever they want.

One night they run into a fellow student and convince him to jump off a high platform and something terrible goes wrong. As part of his punishment he is forced to help tutor underprivileged kids at their sister school and that is where he begins to fall for the ministers daughter Jamie.

Jamie is unlike any girl Landon has ever met. They've known each other since kindergarden but didn't run in the same circles. Jamie doesn't care what people think of her. She doesn't care and only sees the good in people. But Jamie also has a secret.

A Walk to Remember is a very sweet and touching movie that shows first love at its best. The lead characters Mandy Moore and Shane West play off one another well and I was mesmerized in watching them as their relationship with each other grew. The movie shows how falling in love with someone, one special person can help us to be better than we are.

Landon's journey helps him overcome odds with his friends and a father he never sees. He learns from his past and with Jamie learns to accept his future.

The sweetest moments in the movie: When Landon asks his mother to teach him to dance so he can dance with Jamie. When he names a star after her and takes her to the state line so she can be in two places at once, something that was on her bucket list.

If you haven't seen this movie you should. It's a classic love story, touching and wonderful. Get your Kleenex ready -- you will need it lol.

Music by Mandy Moore


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