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Sunday, June 21, 2009

PR Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Rants n' Rascals.  Since May of 2008 Rants n' Rascals has been a source for parents, moms and dads and others come to for the latest product reviews, information on parenting, articles on special needs and more.  Our readers consist of mainly moms, some dads too and even those who don't have children at all.  Our readers are in varying age groups with most having more than two children.  

We work hard in providing honest and valuable reviews on products and companies promoting their businesses for everyone reading us.  A product review and/or giveaway on Rants n' Rascals is an effective way to bring attention to your company, product or services.

Each number is a monthly statistic as my blog continues to grow and change and can vary month to month.  I work hard to reach my target audience through a variety of social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Blogher, Mom Select, Mom Spark, Twitter Moms, Friendfeed, Modern Mom and more... 

Unique Visitors 1, 171
First Time Visitors 952
Page Views 1, 912
Feed Subscribers 129
Google Page Rank 2 (working on it)
Technorati Rank 21,790
Technorati Authority 132
Twitter Followers 542 (and climbing)
* as determined by Statcounter

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Guidelines for Product Reviews

Please submit all queries to  My email is checked daily and you can expect a reply back within 24-48 hours regarding my interest in reviewing your product, along with my shipping information for you to send the non-returnable item for review.

Please include any product information, pricing and web link info pertinent to the review.  I can not review items that my family and I are unable to test, so please look around this website and pick a suitable item to send with your press kit. 

I am a mother to 1 pre-teen boy, 1 young boy and have a husband who is always open and candid with anything I try out on him and my family, along with a variety of friends and other family members willing to try things out through this process.

I will complete a fair and honest evaluation of your product and feature an article which will appear on Rants n' Rascals ( website if it meets my standards for usability and quality. 

This is a great opportunity to spread the word about a new product or service.  Please include any contact information in the event that I have any questions or problems with the product.

Once the Review is published, it will be broadcast on my Review section within the site, my Facebook Feed, various communities to which I belong to that display my RSS feed (Twitter Moms, Blog Her, Tip Junkie, My Blog Frog, My Blog Log, She Blogs and others, along with my 545 followers on Twitter.


Rants n' Rascals would also be happy to host a giveaway for your products or services to our readers.  With giveaways, I submit each one to over a dozen Contest Submission sites that I am registered with, along with various social sites and networks to guarantee maximum exposure.

Site Giveaways typically run for seven days to two weeks to ensure maximum exposure and winners are typically chosen via comments left on the post using the Random Integer Generator at You will be provided with the winner's shipping info so you can ship the product won.  We are not responsible for shipping products out.

With my Site Giveaways, I always confer with the company I am working with to see what actions they would like my readers to take to qualify to win their products.  For example, some companies ask my readers to follow them on Twitter, a social networking site while others ask that my readers visit their company website and return to my site to leave a comment on a specific item or topic of interest from that site they love.  The choice is up to you.

Winner should receive their product within 14 days of being notified they won.  Any gift certificates or promo codes must cover the cost of the product won and shipping charges.

If you have any questions or requests regarding my Reviews and Giveaway policies, please contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

Advertising Options

I currently accept button and banner ads (no text ads).  Ads will be displayed on Rants n' Rascals sidebar under sponsors or elsewhere as I deem fit.  If you do not have a banner or button, one can be created for you (for an extra charge) between $5-$10.  You can view samples of my buttons here.

Advertising Fees

$15.00 per month
$35.00 for 3 months (savings $10.00)
$65.00 for 6 months (savings $25.00)
$130.00 for 1 year   (savings $50.00)

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