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Monday, July 6, 2009

afternoon nookie "time" is it bad parenting?

For the past week or so, DH and I have been like two ships passing through the night. Corny I know (the saying) but sooooooo true and very annoying. I don't know what it is lately but it seems we
A pair of lions copulating in the Maasai Mara,...Image via Wikipedia
never seem to get a moment alone and it's frustrating.

When GB (gamerboy) was little, before Pickleboy came it seemed so much easier for us to find some time to ourselves to do things together.

We used to go for a walk and hold hands. We used to sit and have coffee for an hour or so and just talk, about the world and life and laugh together.

We used to make love after he went to sleep and hold each other while talking into the wee hours of the morning.

Now with two boys, Pickleboy who is three. We are lucky if we even see one another for longer than five minutes before something happens to split us apart. And I just don't get it.

What is it? What is the difference? I mean it's only an extra child, right? How difficult can it really be for us to find some time for one another?

Well let me tell you it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

So this afternoon (early) I woke up to someone scratching my "tummy". Now okay you don't know this but that is what DH and I do when we are horny ahem in the MOOD so to speak. We give each other a little tummy scratch as a hint.

So yeah I woke to him scratching me lightly. I opened up one eye and then the other and he was smiling down at me.

"Hey beautiful!" he said.

Alrighty then... yep he's swirling with IN-THE-MOOD madness because he never calls me beautiful unless:

A.) He's in trouble
B.) To avoid trouble or
C.) Wants sex

So I gathered it was the latter due to the big cheese eating grin upon that slanted every so sexy on his mouth. His blue eyes were literally glittering with excitement.

"What time is it?" I asked him. I couldn't hear any sounds coming from upstairs which meant the boys were outside playing.

He informed me it was eleven and I'd been asleep for only an hour after being up since quarter to seven because SPARKEE knocked on my door to use my phone to call SHOELESS MOMMY because she had to take her to school. (My blog friends eh?)

The boys woke up with me and so we had been playing and snuggling and having fun all morning until DH rolled out of bed at ten. Then I fell asleep on the mattress downstairs. It was too hot to sleep upstairs last night, so that is where we were at that moment.

On the bed.

"We can't." I said in protest. "The boys are outside."

I mean seriously they could come in at any moment.

We then spent the next few minutes while DH tried to convince me it was okay. The boys were safe with our neighbor Dee, playing outside with the kids, front door was locked, back door also locked.

And ohhh you know the convincing I'm talking about ladies, right? He does this thing where he holds my face and kisses me deeply and then whispers into my ear and kisses my neck and ohhhh okay I'm stopping now - FLASHBACKS!

So yeah we decided to AHEM you know have NOOKIE, BUMP UGLIES, GET IT ON, FOOL AROUND, COPULATE, pick a word we did it!

Okay I know you are looking maybe for more than that. But really that is what it was. Quick and nice. Yes quick because as a parent you are always pressed for time to do ANYTHING including bumping uglies with your beloved. So you don't have time to take your time to enjoy the time.

Does that make sense?

Maybe that is why I was so against it at first. I mean what type of parent has sex with their partner in the middle of the early morning/afternoon while the kids are outside playing?

Me I guess LOL...

But is it bad parenting?

Tell me what your thoughts are on the topic?

Oh and don't be shy to tell me you think it is. Trust me the guilt I feel is worse than anything you can say to me. Well...okay maybe not since I'm sensitive and will most likely cry if you say I'm a bad mother and should be shot and have my darlings escorted out of my home for acting like a tramp addict.

Speak your peace. I will listen.

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shoeless mommy on July 6, 2009 at 8:51 PM said...

LMAO! I knew there was a reason Corky was in such a good mood this afternoon!

Not bad parenting at all. You need to keep that romance going any way you can so as far as I'm concerned, You go girl!

(at least one of us is getting a litlle somethin somethin)

Hyla on July 6, 2009 at 10:10 PM said...

Good parenting. You need it. It makes you less stressed, puts you in a better mood. and you knew the kids were safe.

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