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Saturday, July 4, 2009

small talk six: the best patriotic films

It's time for small talk six.

Every week a topic is posted. This weeks topic is The best patriotic films.

You don't have to post the same items I do. Post your own. Six words, six phrases, six videos, six pictures.

Whatever you choose just make sure you post them and then head over to and make sure you link there.

Don't forget to grab a button to post on your site for this weekly meme.

Now I realize that July 4th is a big American Holiday which is why this is the theme this week. But being Canadian we just celebrated Canada Day and I'm listing my six favorite CANADIAN patriotic films of all time.

Strange BrewImage via Wikipedia

Strange Brew

Starring Rick Morranis and Dave Thomas which showcases the adventures of Bob and Doug Mackenzie, two very unorthodox Canadian hosers who get a job at a brewery to only discover there is something very wrong in the work place.

Men with Brooms album coverImage via Wikipedia

Men with Brooms

Starring by the director himself Paul Gross who became famous for his portrayal as a Royal Canadian Mountie in
Due South

The story revolves around a group of unlikely heroes, friends once part of an elite curling team who come back together after their coach dies and mysteriously asks them to work together to go for the golden broom, a high reward in this great Canadian Sport.

The Canadian actor Roy <span class=Dupuis" style="border: medium none ; display: block;" width="300" height="399">Image via Wikipedia

Maurice "The Rocket" Richard

One of the best movies I've ever seen, made in 2005. It's the story of Quebec's most famous hockey player. Maurice "The Rocket" Richard who changed the face of hockey as we know it. The movie shows the struggles of a french Canadian in the league dominated by Anglophones. Roy Dupuis stars along side a great cast. He's also starred in some other great films like Emotional Asthmatic and That beautiful somewhere.

Cover of Cover of Cube


A great Canadian Horror film which not many people know is Canadian, but it is.

A fantastic story that keeps you engaged about a group of individuals who find themselves trapped inside a giant cube and with no way out. And together these 7 strangers with no memory must help one another if they are going to get out alive.

A must see in my book!

Ginger Snaps (film)Image via Wikipedia

Ginger Snaps

Outstanding movie! Canadian movie! You didn't know did you? Well it is eh... and it's a horror as well but so well done for being a hometown film.

The film uses werewolfism as a form of puberty when a young girl (Ginger) gets bitten on the night of a full moon, also the night she gets her first period. Her sister tries to find a cure for the girl as they race against the clock to beat the next full moon.

KissedImage by JP @ Rants n' Rascals via Flickr


Starring, Molly Parker one of the best actresses I know and love.

This film is a very dark film that is not for the faint of heart, only because the subject matter surrounds necrophilia (sex with dead people)

This film is very tastefully done, despite the subject matter as it dives into the story of a young girl who is working at a funeral parlor and her desires begin to grow for the dead over time.

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