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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okay so today is one of my BFF's and current mommy blogger SHOELESS Mommy's birthday!

I met SM (shoeless mommy) about a year ago now I believe. We met on Abbey Freecycle.

She showed up at my house to get a bed we were giving away for free and we instantly hit it off.

Now I'm not one to make friends that easily (NOT ANYMORE) as usually I can't stand to be alone with other people for longer than I have to due to my depression, quirky nature and OCD tendencies for things that otherwise drive others crazier than I feel.

But SM was different.

She was just as crazy as I felt. She also made me laugh extremely long and hard with the way she spoke about things in life. We got each other right away. I also could see she had suffered extremely in her life. She'd lost a child, gone through some bad Shoe experiences (read her blog to know more) and you'll understand. And she had children close to my kids ages. Her son Mister is same age as Hockeydude and her daughter Lil Miss is a year older than Pickleboy.

Right away I knew we were going to become friends and so I told her she should apply for a spot in our co-op. She was looking to move from the basement suit she was living in and our co-op had lots to offer children and good people lived here.

She applied and six months later she moved in. Guess where? Yep that's right, two doors away from me. And now she's not only become my BFF but my Kramer to my Seinfeld, always coming over to tell me the whop la of her life, her shoe stories and rants about her very own rascals.

And I love it!

I love her!

This past year having her in my life has been totally great for me. She always cheers me up. She's so generous with money (lending me some if I need it) or buying me a surprise top she just had to get for me because it had my name written all over it (NOT SURE SHE'S THE FASHION DIVA WHAT THAT MEANS) but she's very kind.

So anyhow it's her birthday today and I wanted to tell her thank you. Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you for being there for me and loving me (all the weird and crazy) ways I am and for not judging me in any way.

Thank you for still talking to me even when I do piss you off (which hopefully isn't often.) and thank you for introducing both DH and I to Wil, your friends and Sparkee, some amazing people we just are lucky enough to know and for sharing your world with me.

Okay enough sap or I'm gonna cry. Yes I'm that sensitive so shut up! Have a great day SM and I hope you get everything you wish for.


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