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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Alex Paul murdered Tuesday night: Abbotsford BC

So yeah it's always nice knowing what the residents of Abbey are up to. Shoelessmommy came over for coffee this (afternoon) lol (our morning) and told me a guy she went to high school with was dead.

Alex Paul who in the past year was the only suspect in the murder of an Abbotsford woman Angela Crossman, a tenant in his building was now a murder victim himself.

Apparently there was a dispute at Paul's home, a gun went off and as it's only customary when a gun goes off (someone got killed) and yep you guessed it, the only suspect in another murder investigation gets the axe himself.

Mmmmm the plot thickens as we continue to watch this unfold. And of course the Abbey police aren't saying anything.
"It's an ongoing investigation"
is all they will say, which only makes sense. They are working hard on solving the case. I know they are because you can't go down to the police station after nine - nobody is there!

You get to talk to a nice English (or other accented) lady via wall phone who gives you a number to call if you have a crime to reports. Then when you call the number guess what??? It's her who answers the phone... mmmm CLEVER! And oh so much fun feeling so protected by our city's finest.

Robert Kenneth Hogan has been charged with 32 year old Paul's murder. Apparently the police were called saying a dispute was happening at Paul's residence and by the time they arrived Paul was dead from gunshots wounds. The gun had discharged several times. Suspects were arrested at the time.

(IHIT) The Integrated Homicide Investigation team have not linked Paul to Crossman's murder, nor confirmed him as a suspect. Hogan was arrested immediately and two witnesses were detained for questioning.

Hogan will appear in court July 24th at the Abbey courthouse.

Apparently Hogan and Paul were associates and the police do not believe gangs, drugs or other illegal activities were the cause of the shooting.

Police are asking anyone with information into Paul's death to please call IHIT Tip Line at 1-877-551-IHIT or make an anonymous please call to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

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