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Thursday, August 27, 2009

everlast: lyrical genius

Okay so I know there are thousands of you out there who are going to read this and say OMG WTF? is she going on about. This guy has been around a while and yet here she is promoting his work and blah blah blah.

But whatever okay, I hadn't ever heard of EVERLAST until the other night and I have to share with others who may be musically challenged (like myself) the lyrical genius this guy has to offer.

Aside from the lead singers very distinct, sexy sounding voice that causes goosebumps to crawl on my skin (in a good way) mind you. Much of the music would be labeled in the rap field which I do not particularly like (aside from Eminem) and I don't really like all of his stuff (8 mile) my favorite song being one I'd listen to over and over.

But there is something about the way Erik Schrody (EVERLAST) an American rapper, singer and songwriter that when he spins his verbal tongue draws me into a dizzy forge of WORD LUVIN CRAZY thank you.

The guy is a true storyteller and I'm a writer so you can guess why I can appreciate his musical art. With songs like Ends (one of my favorites) and the reason I actually began listening to him. Black Jesus, I'm coming home to you, What it's like, I've seen better days, Lonely Road and Saving Grace all lead to the heart of living life, truth in spirit and stretch to reach that core of understanding someone else's pain.

Front man for the group HOUSE OF PAIN until 1996; he won a grammy for PUT YOUR LIGHTS ON for duo performance with Carols Santa one of FD's (forgetful dad's) most favorite performers.

I won't go on too much more about this guy's unique style of rap and acoustic based rock. Read the lyrics below for the song I love (ENDS) and you will understand what I'm talking about it. The song is brilliant, the melody engaging and the story worth listening to. Then watch the video so you can sing along like I do (hahah everyone watching) while I drive.

Songwriters who grab you and make you think, stop to smell the roses around your burning garden, stand up and fight for a justice you long forgot existed and make you tap your toes are artists this world truly needs to embrace ~ JP Shaw


Ends, some people will rob their mother
For the ends, rats snitch on one another
For the ends, sometimes kids get murdered
For the ends, so before we go any further
I want my ends

I knew this cat named darrell, he didnt have a dollar
He was harvard material, ivy league scholar
Had a ph.d., had an m.b.a.
But now hes waiting tables cause theres rent to pay
Companies downsizing, inflations rising
Cant find a job, hes feeling kind of stressed
Doesnt even feel the effects when he says
Forgot to count how many times he been blessed
So he falls off track, starts smoking the crack
And once it hits his brain, it starts to chain react
He sells the shirt off his back, shoes off his feet
Hes losing all his teeth, now hes out in the street
And all of sudden hes like jesse james
Trying to stick up kids for their watches and chains
But hes from business school, and hes nervous with the tool
So he ends up on his back in a bloody pool

For the ends...etc.

I knew this chick named sally, she had a nice strut
And everywhere that I went, she was up in the cut
Swinging that butt, like race you out here
Only rapped the benz, and rocked the fly gear
Brand name wearing, champagne waving
Jewels around the neck, a life style shes craving
Aint no saving, shes doing enough spending
If you do the lending, shell do the bending
Straight machine vending, its money for take
Shopping sprees get her on her knees
And if you hit her with keys to your crib, you acting funny
Come home one day, find her counting out your money
From the wetlands, all the way to the apollo
If youre broke shes spittin, and if youre rich she might swallow

For the ends...etc.

I knew these two homeboys, that made a lot of noise
Making money on the block, kids was on they jock
They was tougher than leather like reverend run
Dmc, they was toting guns
Holdin weight, goin out of state
Stackin mad chips, and pushin phat whips
Fly jewels and clothes, and got no job
And then one disappeared, and one got robbed

For the ends...etc.

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