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Sunday, August 30, 2009

just call me project mom

Crazy business. It's Saturday and I'm bogged down with stuff to do. The kids are watching Planet Earth which Gammi and Papa sent them two years ago for Christmas and we have yet to watch it on our big screen. They are loving it!

Thank God, too because I've got so much to do I'm not sure I can even play mom today. I know bad because I should be spending time with my boo's but here is what is on my plate.

1.) Site redesign for Shoeless.

2.) Custom site creation for Wii rent games (searching for templates right now.)

3.) Premade templates need to be created for myself for my customers. That is going to take a while.

4.) Blog blog and blog...

5.) Mom Jam articles need to be done up.

6.) Co-op Newsletter creation and calendar for annual general meeting. I run the newsletter here because it's not like I don't have anything else to do LMAO.

7.) Movie site creation (side project)

8.) Site creation for Pawsitive Links. They are on my side bar, a great society please take the time to check them out thanks. I love sites that promote helping children and others.

9.) Laundry. Okay I think I'm actually taking that one off the list and giving it to FD (forgetful dad) to do when he gets home from doing castles heh heh... little does he know he's going to be my slave today!

10.) Sleep. Yeah right! Who the feck has time for sleep with all this on their plate?


Happy Saturday everyone!

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