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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

wordless wednesday: pubescent times offer no back to school joy!

Yep it is and this Wordless ( Wordful ) Wednesday I have to quickly talk about grade five. Here is my short list of the things Gamerboy and I have discussed that somehow have led me to believe I'm royally screwed this year as puberty looms on the horizon...

1.) Clothes: they have to be good this year because of girls. Girls?

WTF when did that happen? He's only ten.

2.) Hair: Has to be cut right because of girls.

Okay I'm seeing a pattern emerging that I'm not liking.

3.) Public Affection: I cannot hold his hand this year or kiss him in front of anyone.

Since when?

4.) School Supplies: will only cost $55 this year including the planner.

Well about time I got some good news. My head is still on girls.

5.) Independence: Battling over walking to school with friends without us driving him.

Yes it's only a few blocks away but I am not keen on this damn idea.

6.) Lunch: Please make lunches without cutting sandwiches into heart shapes or dinosaur shapes because apparently he's too old for this now.

Okay okay I get the point.

7.) Social: Can we extend his bedtime so that nightly group outings like going to the movies can be included in this and he doesn't have to go to bed at eight o'clock.

Somehow I think girls are involved here and I'm begining to get pissed off.

8.) Rules: Call him Jake NOT Jacob. Girls call him Jake. He says it's more mature sounding.


9.) More Rules: Please don't speak to him in front of girls, make eye contact when they are around and above all else do nothing to embarass him when the female body is present in his space.

LOL yeah right like I'm listening to this one, I waited my whole life for payback buddy. No chance!

10.) Expectations: He wants a male teacher and lots of girls in his class.

Fuck me I'm screwed and going to hell and going to be a grandma before he's twelve at this rate!

Happy WW everyone. Head on over to the momjam and post your links there to join in the weekly fun.


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