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Monday, August 31, 2009

news flash munday: luongo to sign contract with canucks finally!

It's News Flash Monday, the day I love to hate most. Monday's are the worst for me, everything always seems to go wrong and so to speed up the week I post the news! I know depressing eh? LOL but it helps to start the week and hear the latest and greatest for what the week has in store for us Canadians.

Canucks everywhere have been waiting, holding their breath and praying Gillis didn't do the dumb thing and let Vancouver Canucks goaltender (Roberto Luongo) go as he's in the final year of his contract leaving him a free agent next summer.

Well there is good news on the rise, hopefully as early as tomorrow. It seems most of the deal has been worked out (big stuff anyhow) according to Global and the Canucks may get to see Louie a lot longer than even they bargained for.

Rumors are stating it could be a 10 year contract worth 50 to 60 million dollars total. Wow that's a lot of bread, milk and eggs for one hockey player. Is he worth it?

I am bias... I love him. I love watching him in net when he's got his A game on and he's one of the most exciting Vancouver Canucks to come around in a long while. So yeah I hope they sign him. We'll see what happens tomorrow if an announcement is made.  Is he worth it though?

No professional sports athlete is worth 60 million in eggs.


It's been a great and glorious long summer and I am sad to see it ending, though maybe not as soon as everyone expects.  August 31 the official last day and yet here we are in BC strolling around in shorts and t-shirts, tan happy and smiling.

It's been a rough season for some of our communities in dealing with these forest fires and the weather has done no miracles in helping to ease the burden, loss and grief that has followed this dry and busy summer for Canadian firefighters.

Global states... "It's been the least rainy and most sunny summer to date."  We've broken temperatures and records too boot.

Interesting tip: Last year  between June and Aug we had 25 days of rain.  This year we only had 14 days.  That's nearly half.  We also broke our record striking a temperature of 34.4 degrees at VIA (Vancouver International Airport) at the end of the July setting a new record for 2009.


Along with this weather something strange has taken place in Charlie Browns pumpkin patch.  The Great Pumpkin may not be around when October 31st arrives.

Pumpkins are already harvested.  They are big and look yummy and ready to carve.  Problem is Halloween is 2 months away.  All that local farmers can hope for is that it doesn't rain (LOTS) which would speed up the rotting process because if it does kids will be carving pumpkin pie.


I hate this part.  I hate politics.  Can't stand to discuss it, don't know anyone, don't want to know anyone, could care less who is running the country or province as it doesn't and never seems to fecking matter because in the end we always get screwed anyhow without a door prize.

But for all others, tomorrow the finance minister Collin Hansen will be laying out BC's Budget and SHOCK SHOCK it's not going to be a good one.

Hansen claims to reporters ... "It's going to be one of BC's Best Budgets ever..."

Yeah okay buddy you just keep telling yourself that.  Me I will just keep pretending that small people from OZ run our great country and sing magical songs that make me feel like I'm in Emerald City worth more than clover.

Hansen's speech takes place 2pm tomorrow afternoon for anyone who gives a shit.


There are too many fecking cars on the road as it is.  Maybe they will turn over and begin selling sleds so we can hang them outside our igloos LOL.  That would be so much fun.

Okay in all seriousness... Carter Chevrolet has been in Port Coquitlam for the past 30 but due to deals with the US and blah blah blah they closed their doors today and everyone is sad.  Okay Mike the mechanic with no job is sad as it seems almost all the employees managed to find other jobs with other dealers.

On a turn around ROYLES ROYCE has landed in Vancouver.  Why?

They feel despite the budget and econonmy it's a good time to hit this market and people will be buying their flashing modes of transport which range in price up to $500,000 bucks.  Pick your ass up yes I said five hundred thousand which is like worth more than most of the houses in BC.  But whatever.  I think they've been smoking our pot and our now delusional.

Now that's a market no matter how bad the economy gets will forever remain solid.  BC BUD RULES!

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