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Thursday, September 24, 2009

themed thursday: ewwww i have to clean

Nobody likes to do housework, especially me.  In fact I absolutely loathe house cleaning and this weeks themed thursday is what chores do you HATE doing and what would you do to get out of them?  Remember to come back here if you participate to post your link, and don't forget to grab a banner from the sidebar.  Comments are optional lmao.

I hate doing the dishes.  I am the dishwasher but hubby and I try hard to take turns.  We play rock, paper, scissors to see who can win and the loser has to do the dishes.  I usually lose.

Laundry.  We have so much laundry that you would think I have girls and not all boys with the amount of times they change their clothes per day.  It's insane!  I have begun showing Gamerboy (he's 10) how to work the washer and dryer.  I've also been guilty of throwing out socks just to buy new ones so I don't have to wash them.  Mind you the socks have no matches because the dryer always eats them lol.

Toilet Tales.  I hate cleaning the bathtub and toilet.  I once paid my neighbor ten bucks to clean out my tub.  I have no arms and legs - okay I have them but they aren't very extendable and so reaching into the tub kills my body and takes me forever.  I love the invention of the portable shower head cleaner.  It was made for people like me who hate cleaning the tub.

Cleaning out the kitty litter.  I trade off back rubs or allow hubby to watch an extra sporting event in exchange for him cleaning out the cats shit  box.  It smells and it's gross and I can't handle the stuff.

What chores do you really hate?  Share them with me.


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