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Thursday, September 10, 2009

goodbye sasha we will miss you

This is a follow up to my previous post concerning our family pet.

Today was a very sad day.  Very sad day.

Today we put down my moms cat (our family) kitty Sasha and my heart is broken.  She wasn't getting any better and mom and dad couldn't bear seeing her struggle and in pain.  Yesterday she started drooling horribly, and despite eating a little pudding (chocolate) of course (just a few licks) and a little bit of water.  But she was not good.

So mom and dad decided to put her down today.  It wasn't an easy decision and despite other people thinking it's silly to weep hard over an animal you've loved and whose loved you for nineteen years.  It hurts and it's not nice and hard.

Mom and I held her down while they shaved a patch of her fur.  She struggled and was alert but you could tell with all the weight she'd lost; it was only a matter of time.  Mom didn't have enough money to sedate her and when Sash began to struggle I piped up "I'll pay for it!"

She hated me, Sasha.  She really did.  But in the end she allowed me to hold her and laid her head in my hand while she went to sleep.

Seeing my parents break down and cry was really difficult.  I hate seeing them in any pain, emotional or otherwise.  Afterwards we took them to McDonald's -- because well everyone just needs some Ronald when they are feeling blue, right?

So anyhow we finished supper and then we dropped my parents at home.  It was a very long and exhausting day with taking Trace to preschool, going to the gym, going birthday shopping and then saying goodbye to someone we loved...

I'm pooped!

Goodbye Sasha.  I will miss you dearly even though we didn't always see eye to eye.  Thank you for being a faithful friend to my mom and loving her.  I hope you are better now and not in any pain anymore.  I'm glad I was there to say farewell.  We love you.


A.Marie said...

Awe...I'm sorry to hear about your Mom's cat....that is too funny, though, how much she disliked you! We have a little chihuahua named Sasha (no kidding!) and it must be the name, because my Sasha also holds grudges. I'm looking at her right now, and my nephew came in the door, and she is pacing back and forth, and has figured out that he is the one that she likes. So, she isn't growling!

That was very kind of you to help out your parents; I firmly believe that at the end, Sasha forgave you; I'm glad that you were able to help her out of her misery.

Recent blog:=- 9/11 said...

I'm sorry to hear about your parent's cat. I love my little one's they saw me through a lot. They definitely become one of the family, even if you don't see eye to eye.

Recent blog:=- It's Award time!

Guest said...

You used PB's real name here, I'm shocked.

Just think though, Sasha's not hurting anymore and with the "C" spread everywhere there really wasn't anything anyone could do.

Recent blog:=- Mothers Week aka back to school

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