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Saturday, October 24, 2009

bedtime blues are over yeahhh!

For three years we have battles the bedtime blues with pickleboy. Due to his aspergers he has a hard time with materials and blankets and so forth.

Oh don't think we didn't try. We did. In fact, PB has had several different beds over the course of two years, mind you he never even really slept in a crib. Instead he found a little tikes wagon to his comfort for the first eight months and after that his playpen.

once the playpen was done, he switched to taking his zzz on our sofa. he would even get up in the middle of the night from our bed, wake me crying And beg to be taken downstairs where he would sleep peacefully on the love seat until morning. It was strange.

But that is how he was and we accepted it. Until recently. We finally got him a new bed.

I was Leary at first, thinking we'd been here before and he was never going to sleep in it.

The first night with the new bed, a standard twin to give him lots of room went okay. He fell asleep downstairs and then forgetful dad carried him up and put him in it. He woke up several times crying and asking to go down to the sofa but I crawled in with him and he went back to sleep.

We did a couple days of this until this past Friday when I decided to begin a routine. first bath and then cuddles then lights out.

And guess what? It worked!!!!

PB is now on bed before 9 and asleep in his own bed and forgetful dad and I have easier nights and more time together as the boys sleep.

It's been really nice

We are glad this is the first step toward his independance and a new time for fd and I to reconnect as raising a special needs child can be hard, often causing lulls in your marriage.

Now we just have to get him to go to bed before 9 lol! One step at a time, one step at a time....


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