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Monday, November 23, 2009

new hair style gets a bad facebook reaction: like I care!

If you are social networking on twitter or facebook you are leaving yourself open to popular or unpopular opinions of others.  Opinions that may or may not hurt your feelings and in doing such you have to be prepared to handle reactions to what you share.

That being said, a few posts ago I ran with hairstyles I was thinking about choosing for my upcoming makeover.  I posted celebrity picks and some un-celebrity picks of styles I thought were cute in the form of pixie cuts, which was what I was leaning toward.

Well I took the plunge and went saw Nixon my hairdresser, the greatest hairdresser ever!  Told him what I wanted and why and he worked his magic.

This is my before shot.

I have never colored my hair black before and the reactions I received on FB and Twitter were overwhelming.  A lot of people liked it.  I love it of course - lmao!  It's different and as a blond it was time for a change.

Here is my new pixie cut that Nixon gave me.

Okay yes it's short.  Now maybe you like it, maybe you don't.  I don't really give a shit!  It's my hair.  But I did receive a negative comment on my FB wall from my husband's ex asking what the hell did I do my hair and it made me upset.

I did not ask for her opinion (negative or not) to be plastered across my wall.  Plus I'm old school and always thought if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all.  But then I realized (to each their own) and I cannot condem a person for not liking something I've done especially when I am the one sharing the info for the world to see lol.

So there you have it.  My makeover gone wild!  I personally love the change and it will grow.  I will be getting it cut every three weeks and as it grows longer I'm sure Nixon will work his magic for me.  The only person who has to be in love my hair is me since I'm the one wearing it.

Everyone else is entitled to their opinions.



A.Marie on November 23, 2009 at 7:12 AM said...

I personally like your haircut, by the way. Don't worry about what people say. They are just being mean.

Have a wonderful day! :)

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