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Thursday, December 24, 2009

no babysitter: ring in the new year with your kids at home

Finding a babysitter is difficult and costly during most days. So what happens during the holidays when you can't afford a babysitter for New Years? Staying home with your kids on New Years can not only be fun but affordable and you can invite friends who have kids to join you for the festivities.

This year DH and I are staying home. With a special needs child it's too difficult for us to go out and leave Pickleboy with anyone, unless it's my parents and they are going to bingo lol.

So we decided to stay home and have a party of our own. I'm making chili, friends are bringing stuff and we are going to play Sing-star on the PS2 (the only time) I video game at home lmao. It should be fun. The kids can play upstairs or watch movies or join in the fun and sing a long with us.

Here are some tips to help you do the same if you are planning on staying home.

Plan what type of festivities you are going to have. You could play board games, do karaoke or do a family time capsule. Ask all friends coming to bring a letter and some photos from last year to put in pop bottles to open one year later.

For those consuming alcohol make sure you have a taxi number on the fridge, get friends to carpool and check your local communities. Here in Abbey we have an organization called Operation Red Nose that will drive anyone whose been drinking home in their own car for a small donation (whatever you can afford) this way both you and your car get home safe.

Plan the food. Do a pot luck! Ask friends coming to bring something, mac & cheese (always fun for kids) make some chili, sausage rolls are always a hit and short bread cookies are so yummy this time of year.

Decoration. Kids can help make paper new years eve hats out of paper bags with crayons and glitter glue for everyone. You can hang streamers and have blowers and other shakers (hand made) out of rice and pop bottles on hand for your guests.

Set up a sleep quarters. For little ones who might not make it until the ball drops make sure you have a sleeping area in a room where babies can be laid down. If someone has a child who doesn't like noise you might want to remind them this event if for the noisy and to bring a playpen if you don't have one.

For the bigger kids who make it all the way to midnight. Have special glasses for them and substitute alcohol (of course) for sparkling cider or apple juice. Involve them in a toast or ask them to say one themselves.

Remember: you can have a wonderful holiday evening with friends and family and kids if you plan right, get a feel for what people want to do. I'm sure we are going to have a blast. I will post pics after.

Have a safe Holiday everyone!



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