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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

there is always a grinch at christmas!

Each and every year you hear the stories. Someone is getting robbed. This year is no different. In the past week on the news I've heard countless tales, the latest being an Irish family who immigrated to Canada this past year were the victims of a break and enter. All their children's presents, even items off their tree were taken.

Another family went outside at night with their two year old little girl only to discover someone had robbed them of their outdoor Christmas decorations.

And my g/f Anne told me she had several presents stolen from her vehicle about a week ago.

Christmas is a time of year for giving, being thankful for what you have and appreciating those you love. But it also is a season get rich quick for many Grinch's out there who wish to rob others of Christmas.

It's sad and the truth is no matter how many times you lock your doors. How many times you install a security device for your home. Get a dog or try to keep your valuables safe. There will always be someone; somewhere to spoil to the fun for others.

With every good deed that goes unpunished; there is always someone there to make things better. Many people have donated to the family who had their presents stolen this past week which just shows you that for every condescending person who believes ppl actually deserve this type of treatment; there is someone who disagrees and feels empathy for others.

Maybe the next Grinch who decides he's going to steal will stop and think about what really happened to the Grinch at Christmas. He got a heart and changed his life forever through giving and not taking. What goes around comes around, so make sure you are on the good end of the receiving stick when that happens.

Merry Christmas!



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