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Sunday, January 24, 2010

fireproof is a feel good movie for anyone struggling in their relationship

Have you ever had a hard time in your relationship? Ever had days where you felt neglected or mistreated by the one you love? I think we have all been there and I know for FD (Forgetful Dad) and myself we've had our fair share of struggles and what has gotten us through the hard (even downright nasty) times has been our faith. Not just faith in the Lord but in each other and in the fact that all things can work out if you have faith to get through.

That is what Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron strives to teach audiences who watch this feel good movie on giving love without expecting anything in return.

Here is a clip

Fireproof is an amazing love story that will have you laughing and crying and if you listen even believing (religious or not) that love can be strong enough even if one person struggles more than the other.

I recommend watching it, share it with others as it's message goes beyond make up and break up. It's a fantastic film!


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