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Saturday, January 23, 2010

i am not beyond begging, please vote 4 me

Okay so you see the button with the mom juggling life to the right? Well that is a top mommy blog button and it's there because I need you (my readers) to vote for me to help push up my rankings to keep me as one of the top moms who blog and I'm not beyond begging lol.

Here are the reasons why I think you should vote:

  • You are my friend and friendships can be bought, sold, replaced, given away and cherished if done for the right reasons lmao.
  • I love blogging and will blog about you if you have a site and vote for me. Just leave me a comment saying you voted with your site url and I will do a post on you and your blog.
  • My kids will be happier because lord knows I'm cranky when I don't get comment luv or readers who appreciate what I write about. Who am I kidding? I write because I have an addiction to blogging.
  • I will come over and clean your house from top to bottom if you live within a five step radius to where I live. (That means you shoelessmommy)
  • I have never won any type of contest or ranked more than twenty for anything so this would be a goal achievement for me and well we all know goals and dreams are important
  • I will forever call you... "the alibaba of my whorship who deserves gold and wishes in abundance..." that comes with a t-shirt by the way.
  • Because I'm awesome!  There I said it.
  • And finally... because if you don't vote bad karma will follow you for life and nobody needs that hanging over their head so do yourself a favor and VOTE !

To vote please click the button on the side on my blog at the top that says Top Mommy Blog.  Thanks for reading and lending a hand.  I appreciate it!


shoeless mommy on January 24, 2010 at 1:51 AM said...

Wow you completely put out an offer I couldn't refuse! Qualifying within a 5 step radius I absolutely voted for you LOL. Hey I wonder if the other neighbours would vote for you too then? We could send out flyers... thats another way to drive more traffic to you.

Seriously though, of course I voted for you and not just because you are my bff but because I like reading your blog.

~ JP ~ on January 24, 2010 at 2:13 AM said...

You are too funny. I love reading your blog as well. It cracks me up. Thanks for the movie tonight, it was cool. Check out your sidebar button hope you like it.

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