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Saturday, January 23, 2010


I stepped inside this old home seeing a man flee through a door up ahead and so I followed with the others behind me. He fled to a room that looked like an abandoned person wouldn't dare live in it and hid. We were all searching for him and a woman with blonde hair was with us. Suddenly she turned to me and whispered... "I'm sorry we are responsible for killing your grandmother."


My brain was trying to grasp what was going on. My grandmother?

My grandmother or rather Nana had been dead for a long time and she died of natural causes or as natural could be classified. She had a brain disorder that shut down her entire body and caused other ailments to take her life finally in the end.

So what did this woman mean?

Next we were wandering around the broken down room. The walls were wooden and old, peeling and chipping and it was dark outside. The police were chasing after the person who fled down the street when the woman offered us coffee.

I stared out the main front window and saw two tigers and a couple of wolves in the backyard. "WTF?" I looked at her with disbelief

"It's how we make money," she replied. "We have to feed them."

My heart rate raised suddenly. Where were the boys? Gamer? Pickle? DH had them and assured me they were alright.

Back downstairs, this old house was huge. There were broken dolls laying on the floor in the corners, one eye missing, cracked skulls. Old shoes tennis shoes without matches, newspaper, old pots with food that had been sitting and growing mold. "Who lives like this?" I remember thinking.

Then suddenly we were standing at the side of the house. The tigers were on the far side. They couldn't get to us. The side we were on was open. I glanced up and saw something coming down the hill from the woods toward the house and toward us and panic flooded me.

It was an alligator on a snowboard sliding down the grass. Behind it a coyote chasing it. We ran back into the house and closed the glass door. Then we watched the alligator jumped off the snowboard and snuck through the tall grass, stalking the coyote. It was violent and it was awful. But in the end the alligator won. Blood was everywhere.

"There is more at back door," the woman informed us and so we followed her.

At the back door eight very distinct werewolf creatures lay upon the stone patio attached to the house. They were asleep, some cuddling their young. They were ugly and fierce looking.

DH grabbed my hand. "Don't worry we will find out who is responsible for killing your Nana and they will pay."

I turned to my left, my eyes scanning the room. The tigers. The broken dolls. The wretched smell and the horrible conditions of this awful place. I turned to my mother standing beside me and started to cry. "I didn't know..."

"Didn't know what, honey." She said to me with sadness.

"I didn't know you lived liked this mommy." I told her and I remember feeling the pain I knew she was in each time she came over to my house and saw it a mess or saw it untidy because I was too fucking lazy to clean it up. I felt bad.

I felt really bad.

Then I heard. "They shoot ... they score!!!!!"

The Canucks were on tv and my eyes were open and I was lying in bed. It was only a dream.



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