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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

busy birthday weekend: random tuesday

Ya! It's Random Tuesday, one of my favorite days to keep everyone up to date on what is going on here.

Update on me:

I finished using the heart monitor and took it back to the hospital. It was sooooooo much fun NOT! Now I have to wait until the 24th to do the treadmill test and in the meantime keep myself sane which is not an easy task. Bed times are the worst for me. I hate night time because it means going to sleep and that means the possibility of not waking up which has really unruffled my feathers. I am trying not to think about it, since worry seems to be bad when you have a heart condition. Go figure!

Pickleboy has decided he does not like his bed again and has taken to sleeping with dad and I which is so much fun!  I swear to G_D I don't know if I can take anymore musical beds.  FD (forgetful dad) slept in Gamer's room, Gamer slept in PB's room and PB slept in our bed with me.  It's insane!  Next time I will play music so it will be fun.

The weekend came and went and was busier than normal.  The guys had hockey (early) heheheh like 5am they had to get up for practice and neither of them were impressed while PB and I lounged in bed until eleven snuggling.  Ahhhhhhhhh it was soooooooo nice hehehehe.

We had two birthdays to go to on the weekend.  One for my niece Caitlin who turned five.  Wow!  I cannot believe how fast the kids are growing.  We went over to my brothers house and the kids ate hotdogs, played outside and had some fun.  It's always nice when the cousins get together and my brother and I get to watch our kids play.  Makes me feel old though lol.

 Caitlin opening her gifts

Big sister Kae.  I was trying to get her to smile bigger by telling her she loves boys.  She's uncrackable!
Nana wishing Caitlin a happy wish before she blows her candles out.
 The kids posed for a pic and were all smiling.  Rare!
Nana wanted a pic with all her grandchildren.  I love how Pickleboy is staring up at her.  Colton is missing but he's in K-town with mom and dad.

 Right after my niece's birthday we headed straight for Castle Fun Park, an amusement place here in Abbey for Lil Miss's b day party.  I was so impressed with Shoeless Mommy and how composed she was.  She has done so well this year for anyone who truly knows her and how difficult her daughters birthday is for her.

Lil Miss is a twin and Shoeless struggles with the loss of her son on this particular day while still trying to celebrate her daughter turning the big five!  You did amazing babe and don't let anyone tell you different.  The party was so organized and the kids all had a blast.  Thanks for allowing us to be part of your day.
Lil Miss blowing out her candles on her Hannah Montana cake!
Pickleboy and Lil Miss sharing a choo choo ride.  They have decided they are best friends and so they will get married and have eight kids.  Shoeless and I are okay with that lmao.
PB on his first ever bumper car ride!  He lovedddddddddd it!
I had to snag a pic of my best friend Shoeless of course.  Luv ya girl!

PB played this penguin game for over half hour and racked up 82 points to use at the gift shop.
Big brothers (Mister, Lil Miss's big bro and Gamer my eldest trying be cool at the little kid's b-day party)

All in all the kids had a blast.  PB has decided this is where he wants to have his birthday party which is coming up in a few weeks.  I can't believe he's turning four already!

It was Valentines during the b-day parties and both FD and I don't really celebrate other than a few yucky love words that cause us both to be squeamish in the morning and a nod of I accept you after.  We decided to have more fun and took the boys go-karting because nothing says I love you like "get the hell out of my way before I run you over you bugger!"

We wound the weekend down with some Extreme Home Makeover and the boys went to bed at eight lol, tired from the weekend events.  It was fun.

If you participate in Random Tuesday please go and visit Keely over at the UNmom and post your linky there.  She is totally cool and random and fun to read!



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