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Monday, February 22, 2010

canada loses to the us but we still had fun!

Olympic hockey fever has taken our country by storm and FD (forgetful dad) and I are no different than any other proud Canadian and we hosted an Olympic Hockey Fever Event on Facebook for our friends to come over and cheer team Canada on against the United States on Sunday.

We lost! :( Yeah I know bummer.

It was a good game but hard to watch.

Canada had 44 shots on net and Brodure should not have been in net in my mind, Luongo should have but I am bias because I loveeeeeeeee him as he plays for Vancouver. Still Brodure should have stopped a couple that went in.

Our boys didn't play horrible but they didn't play great either. I think I screamed shoot! about 100 times during the game until my voice hurt. That was better than Fordy who kept standing up and calling them WHORES! LMAO.

God he was funny as the boys kept dicking around with the puck and for some reason thought it would be fun to NOT get it out of our zone and give the Americans chance after chance to score on us.

All of our friends seemed to have a great time. We made chili and Fordy brought chips. Jada and Mike brought wings and some pop which was totally great and Shoeless Mommy totally helped me decorate our home Canada style.
 Mike showing his Canadian spirit

Baby Zander with Irish Mommy holding his Canadian flag... Go Canada!

We handed out flags, tattoos and buttons when everyone walked in and most ppl wore red, ahem Irish Mommy and miss Laura you are forgiven, although Laura you did have red in your hair lol.

FD (Forgetful Dad Canada Rocks!

We decided to Lynch Draimen half way through the game because he started rooting for the US, and T shared her red blanky with me. Thank you, as I was cold.

Aunty T and Zander snoozing during the second period lmao

The kids played outside and had fun together. We are doing it again on Sunday (hopefully) if the Canadians go for gold!

Miss Jada and her little one have a snuggle during the game.

All in all it was a great evening with good friends, hockey and the spirit of being Canadian.



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