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Monday, March 15, 2010

hydraSense Nasal Aspirator for babies works like a charm!

I absolutely hate it when my kids are sick, and with both PB who just turned four and Gamer who is turning eleven in school now, bringing home colds happens more often then either of them cleaning out their lunch kits when they get home.  The worst part-- everyone in the house gets the cold as well.

But even worse than that is when a baby is sick.  They can't breath, nose is itchy and irritable which they can't blow, breathing is difficult and sleep is interrupted, making for cranky babies and cranky mommies.  Not nice.

That is why I was so thrilled when I heard hydraSense has created a new Nasal Aspirator with filters, developed with paediatricians and is the leading brand in saline solutions for the whole family.  Saline, being a mixture of minerals and salt water with no harmful chemicals, providing a safe way to relieve your child's nasal congestion quickly, allowing baby to breath clearly which in turn helps baby sleep, without medication.

Now I'm not a baby, but I AM congested right now and in severe pain due to a sinus infection, which I get about three times a year.  They suck and I hate feeling congested and not being able to breath, so I can only imagine how my kids feel.

I have been given a great opportunity to review hydraSense products, including the Nasal Aspirator and before giving it to my girlfriend to try out on her five month old, also with a cold;  I thought who better to test the product then myself.  I mean what mommy wouldn't test a product before giving it to their most cherished of gifts (their kids) right?

So yep, I tried it.

Let me tell you, I was surprised at how soft the tip of the Nasal Aspirator actually was and how easy it was to use.  Pop off the cap, fit in a filters that trap the mucus, hook up the tiny tube and gently put the tip of the Aspirator into the nose, put the other end of the tube into your mouth and suck slowly.

The filter action keeps any mucus from entering the tube and the suction was surprisingly gentle and yet effective.  I used one of the travel saline packs to moisten my nose before using the Aspirator and was surprised at how easy, quick and safe the mucus came out.

The transparent design is also very cool.  It allows you to see how much mucus is being removed, and the best part--the tip is easy to clean and safe to reuse, so I can give it to my g/f with full confidence her baby will sleep well, aiding in his congestion, giving him room to breath again.

Watch a short video here to see how truly easy and effective this wonderful little invention can be.  It's so easy PB even tried it out, and he hates blowing his nose, and he laid down and let mommy work her magic to suck out the OBBERY GOOBERS as he calls them.

When both my boys were little, allergies played a big part in their lives.  I used to use a small nasal contraption that blew more air into their noses then sucked stuff out.  I wish the hydraSense Nasal Aspirator had been around back then to help ease my sons discomfort.

The hydraSense Nasal Aspirator helped my congestion, so you can be sure it will help your baby.  Mom tested and true is the only way to go, I say.

So if you want more information on this and other HydraSense remarkable products then visit HERE before April 10th, 2010 and sign up for the Dolphins Club to download an exclusive coupon.  Make sure you enter the code MC2010 under the online coupons to get an $8.00 off coupon toward  your purchase of the HydraSense Aspirator.  It would make for a really nice birthday present or baby shower gift for anyone expecting or celebrating the first year of their child's life.

I totally loved being part of the this blog tour campaign by MOM CENTRAL and wrote this post while participating, plus I received a Mom Central gift pack as a thank you, which was totally awesome!  Thank you Mom Central and be sure to check them out @



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