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Saturday, March 13, 2010

small talk six - why my online friends rock!

Welcome to Saturday Small Talk Six. Want to join in? Go here to learn how and view the years topics of choice.  This weeks topic is how are your online friends better than your real ones?  You can choose 6 words, phrases, pictures, videos etc.. you get the point, right?  It's fun!

I love all my friends, online or real life.  They are important to me and my life, supportive in my endeavors at becoming a successful blogger and when I need an ear to lean on.  But what do my online friends give to me that my real life friends don't?  Well I wouldn't say they are better, just different.

1.) My online friends come from all over the world, so I get to learn new things about where they come from, places I have never been before which is totally cool.

2.) My online friends have great tips and advice, since many of them are bloggers themselves, I learn a great deal from them on how to be more successful with the direction of my blog, tips and tricks, pr info and more.

3.) My online friends send me the greatest contests ever.  I love contests and because they are all online, they have more to draw from than my real life friends who would not know to send me a twitter contest for a grand prize to share with my readers which I appreciate.

4.) My online friends have the most amazing blogs to read, making me laugh, cry, helping me relate to things going on in my life and what not.

5.) I can be working online, building a site, working on a novel or short story and talking to my online friends at t he same time and none of them get upset if I say BRB or HT (hang tight) for a second.

6.) And finally there is a saying... "I love my friends because they live inside my computer."  That is what I love the most.  My online friends are always online, most work from home, like I do.  They are there when I need them, to talk, chat, share and always supportive. 



singedwingangel on March 13, 2010 at 6:42 AM said...

OH I hear ya.. my online friends listen to me complain, hear my worries abbout my son's bipolarism, my frustrations with hubby and my laughs when my kids absolutely make my sides burst...

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