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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

random tuesday thoughts: things i think about

It's Random Tuesday and of course thanks to Keely at the UNmom my fav gal pal on the net who is outrageously random.  My theme this week is things I think about.

Random thoughts always pop in my mind and I've realized as I've gotten older I've become more and more neurotic.  I don't know if it's from raising kids, being married or just simple aging.  Either way I realize I'm screwed in the head sometimes.

Sometimes I'm sitting in the van while we are driving on the way home from somewhere and I'm wearing jeans and they begin to feel tight around the tummy you know.  I always think how tempted I am to undo them, just while we drive.  But then I think what if we got into an accident?  They would pull me out of the van and find me with my pants down!

So my g/f and I are going to pick up her kids and we get in the elevator at her moms apartment.  I take a deep breath and instantly she notices something is wrong.  "What is it?"  She asks me.

"I hate elevators."  I told her.  She looked at me puzzled.  Then asked.

"Why don't we take the stairs then?"  She said.

"Because my laziness outweighs my fear of elevators!"

I am with Fido for my cell phone service.  I'm a new customer.  We just got this phone like a week ago and man I'm fucking pissed off!  Every time I go to make a call it drops the call.  I mean like every time.  Corky and I started arguing over it because I said I wanted to take the phone back.  He said maybe we had bad reception in our town home.  I picked up the phone and pretended to dial.

"Sorry she died.  Someone broke into her house and bludgeoned her to death and she tried to call 911 but her CALL FAILED!"

Thanks a bunch FIDO!



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