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Friday, May 28, 2010

five question friday - may 28th

I am participating in this week's Five Question Friday hosted by My Little Life, check her out and give her a visit if you will please.  Comment support is always appreciated for any blogger.

My answers for this week's questions

1.) Is there something you've always wanted to try but just can't muster up the courage to do yet?

Hand in one of my novels to a publisher like Harlequin.  Yes, I write romance novels that have steamy sex scenes in them and things that would make my mother disown me if ever read aloud.  I don't know why I can't muster the courage.  I'm not afraid of failing.  I think I'm afraid of actually becoming successful at something.  I don't like it when things in my world change.  Maybe one day I will do it.

2.) If you had $100 in cash handed to you without your significant other knowing about it what would you spend it on?  

Oh hubby would know.  We have no secrets, strange I know but I never keep anything from him, he manages to drag everything out of me.  I would probably spend it on food because we are always struggling to make ends meat - hahaha get it?  Okay bad joke, but yeah food.  I have 2 boys who like to eat me out of house and home.

3.) What was your favorite piece of playground equipment as a child?

Omg the merry go round.  I loved riding on it, spinning on it, until I felt like I would throw up.  Yeah looking back now that's strange, playing until you puke for laughs... kids are strange.

4.) Do you prefer a sweet or hearty breakfast?

Hearty.  Eggs, toast, bacon, hash browns are my favorite.  Fills you up and makes you feel good all day long.

5.) Are you a neat freak or messy bessy?

Messy Bessy.  Organized Chaos is how I work but I try hard to keep up with the housework.  You can eat off my mother's floors, they are immaculate, it's sick really.  I on the other hand glance down occasionally and go wow look at all those suckers and pop spills maybe I should mop!



Anonymous said...

I must say, the fact that you write romance novels is probably the coolest thing I've read today. I've never even thought of doing that but, now I soooo want to! You should absolutely muster the courage to turn one in!

Stoppin by from Mama M's. Have a great weekend!

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